Bob's Peanuts & Candy Inc.
We are a family business that was founded in 1965 By Normand and Pearl Cusson (still owners today).
The business is now run by their children.
We are known for our fresh cooked Peanuts and Cashews; cooked and packaged daily.
Also, we sell candy in every variety imaginable, including some old-fashioned, hard-to-find bars and treats!

Freshly cooked cashews sold by the pound and shipped anywhere!Freshly cooked peanuts sold by the pound and shipped all over the USA!

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Our Products Include Everything on the Table Below, plus more!

Almond Joy Wonka Bars Cotton Candy  Lifesavers cont. Goetzs Caramel cremes
Babe Ruth York Mints Sugar Free Very Berry Tangy Chocolate Cellas Cherries
Butterfingers Spree  Orbit Gum Winto  Cowtails
Caramellos Spree Chewy Bubble Wild Berry Hershey Asst Miniatures
Caramellos King size Sweettarts Cinnamon Wild Cherry Lindt Truffle in 7 Flavors
Chunky Charleston Chew Vanilla Citrus Tropical Fruit Mentos
Fastbreak Charleston Strawberry Peppermint Sweet mint 5lb bags Swedish Fish
5th Ave Charleston Chocolate Crystal mint Sweet Orange Mint 5Lb bags Sour Patch Kids
Heath bars  Good and Plenty Sweetmint Certs Nubreath
Hershey Almond Jr.Mints Mint Mojito Cinnamon P.B. Buckeyes
Hershey milk Snickers Almond (Mars Bar) Raspberry Glacier Poptarts
Cookies & Cream Nerd rope Tic Tacs Mixed fruit Rice Krispy Treats
Hershey Plain Hershey Almond King Altoids Peppermint Squirrels
Kit Kat  Hershey plain King Peppermint Wintergreen Sunflower Seeds
Kit Kat King Mr Goodbar King Spearmint Ice breakers gum Sunkist Fruit gems
M&M Milk  Gum Cinnamon Peppermint Surprise Bags
M&M Peanut Dentyne Wintergreen Cinnamon 15ct Butterfinger
M&M Peanut Butter Dentyne Tango Extra Sugarfree Gum Spearmint 15ct Charleston
Mallo Cup Dentyne Ice Bubble Wintergreen 10ct Reese
Milkyway Artic chill Cinnamon Sugarless Breathsavers 15ct Nestle crunch
Milkyway Dark Fire Green Apple Cinnamon 15ct Tootsie Pop
Mounds Peppermint Peppermint Peppermint 10ct York Mints
Mounds King Size Shivermint Polar Ice Spearmint Too Tarts
Necco Wafers Asst Spearmint Spearmint Citrus Trails Best 2/ 1.00
Necco Wafers Chocolate Vanilla ice Watermelon Vanilla Mint Tums
Nestle Crunch Freshen up Winterfresh Ludens Cough Drops Laffy taffy 25c
Nutrageous Cinnamon Trident Value packs Honey Lemon 25c Teaberry Gum
100 Grand Bubble Bubble honey Licorice Werthers
Payday Peppermint Spearmint Menthol Tylenol Cards
Powerbars Spearmint Tropical Twist Wild Cherry Bugles
Red Swedish fish Wrigleys Watermelon Twist Halls Cough Drops Slim Jim Meat snacks
Reese King size Big Red Original Cherry Beef Steak
Reese Big cup Doublemint Bubblicious Honey Lemon  Beef and Cheese
Reeese Caramel Juicy fruit Blue Blowout Menthol Lyptus Pepperoni Cheese
Reese Peanut Butter Cup Spearmint Cotton candy Spearmint Giant slim 
Reeses Pieces Winterfresh Gonzogrape Ice Blue Giant slim Nacho
Reese White Eclipse Lebron Lemonade Vitamin c Strawberry MILD
Rolo Peppermint Paradise Punch Vitamin c Assorted Tabasco
Skittles  Polarize savage Apple Rolaids Pepperoni
Skor Spearmint Twisted tornado Asst Firecracker
Skybars Winterfresh Watermelon Cherry Pickled eggs Gallon
Snickers Freedent Wild strawberry Regular  Polish Kielbasi Gallon
Snickers King Peppermint Bubblicious bursts  Soft cherry Terrace Sticks
Sour Patch Kids Spearmint Lifesavers ODDS AND ENDS Rosies Jerky 
Starburst Winterfresh Butterrum Advil strips Smiths Jerky
Take 5  Bubble tape Chillo Airheads Planters Peanuts 3 /99c
3 Musketeers Bubble gum Crysto Andes Mints Planters Peanuts  2/.00
Twix Apple 5 flavors BabyBottle pop Planters Cashews
Twizzlers Watermelon Pepo Bazooka Planters Kernals
Watchamacalit Triple treat Spero  Charms Blo Pops Planters Honey Roasted Peanut

Freshly cooked nuts of all types sold by the pound and shipped anywhere!

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